Storm MKII – Nicolas Anelka Limited Edition


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First Blackout Concept watch in collaboration with a sportsman.

A word from Nicolas Anelka
I really appreciated Blackout Concept’s approach to creating a model together .
The young, dynamic side of the brand, coupled with the possibility of designing a model in my own image, including Arabic numerals, made me want to go ahead with the project.
It’s a classy, sober model that’s accessible to all, and I think you’ll like it.

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A tribute to his favorite jersey number. Find out what’s behind the Storm MKII Nicolas Anelka πŸ”₯

This watch was developed with a deep desire to highlight the values shared by Nicolas Anelka and Blackout Concept.

The man

Many know the whimsical footballer, but few know the man who has enabled us to sign our first official collaboration with a celebrity since taking over the brand.


Sharing, humility, hard work and determination – all characteristics that have brought us closer together! Come and discover what man and this collaboration has to offer.


A word from Nicolas

I really appreciated Blackout Concept’s approach to creating a model together. The young, dynamic side of the brand, coupled with the possibility of designing a model in my own image, including Arabic numerals, made me want to go ahead with the project.
It’s a classy, sober model that will be accessible to all, I think you’ll like it πŸ”₯

Nicolas Anelka

A shared vision

First of all, we’d like to start this section with a thank-you to Nicolas, as he’s the first “celebrity” to have been very benevolent, open to discussion, just after our takeover of the Blackout Concept brand.
We think he was won over by key elements of our message, which he shares in his daily life:

  • Sharing & humility: Let’s be clear, Nicolas Anelka can afford any watch he wants. The idea of creating a unique model, with a design that resembled him, and knowing that this watch would be affordable for her friends and loved ones, was of paramount importance.
    Without revealing the content of the discussions, the most important thing for him was to receive several of his “models” to offer to his entourage.
    For us, who want to make watchmaking accessible to all enthusiasts, even the youngest and most novice, this approach appealed enormously!
  • Hard work & determination: Not just anyone can become Nicolas Anelka, but the hard work and determination required to become a world-class footballer is nothing short of remarkable. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top.
    It’s an analogy that speaks to all of us who hope that one day Blackout Concept will reach the top!

The ultimate addition to the Storm range

After more than 3 years as one of the most popular ranges in our catalog, a new page is about to be turned.
In fact, this limited edition represents the latest addition to this product range.
Don’t worry, a new range is coming soon πŸ‘€
But for now, let’s focus on this gem πŸ’Ž

A unique watch … And an autograph please

For this edition, only 39 copies will be sold!
And each model carries a unique serial number. Then hurry up and contact us πŸ”₯
And because we wanted everything to be perfect… Right down to the warranty card.

This one is unique, and you’ll find Nicolas’ signature on the back to certify your purchase!

Our Models Are Guaranteed 36 Months

Since the acquisition of Blackout Concept in early 2022, quality has become the number one priority.

The Elegant Watch For All Circumstances

The MKII Storm is the perfect choice for your everyday look. Its design is timeless and its skeleton movement gives it a contemporary touch. Bring out your favorite outfits with this trendy style that can be dressed up or down.

It’s up to you!

Proven precision

Its Seagull Skeleton automatic movement and our association with our own watchmakers certified by the leading watch brands, who carry out checks and adjustments if necessary, make this a watch of the highest quality and precision.

Buy In A Warm Environment

At Blackout Concept, make the choice to buy from enthusiasts who will be delighted to guide you towards the right purchase!

We’re breaking away from traditional luxury watchmaking, which can be cold and emotionless. Buying a watch is above all a pleasure, at least for us it is! What’s certain is that when you talk to our employees or managers, you’ll be dealing with watch lovers, and you’ll end the call or visit to the boutique with a smile on your face. Whether you bought or not.


Adopt an Authentic and Bold Style

Blackout Concept Is Positioned As The Perfect Brand For :

  • The perfect addition to your luxury watch collection, in these times of increasing watch theft. To keep your style impeccable, to walk around with a free spirit, and to send back the same image to society as with your most beautiful pieces.
  • Make a nice watch purchase, in a warm and jovial atmosphere with a unique brand and especially very close to its customers, to start or develop your watch collection.
  • Watch enthusiasts who want to feel considered as a customer. Whether they are novices in need of support, or collectors simply wishing to exchange on our common passion.

Did you know?

Before offering our own models, Blackout Concept was the first specialist in luxury watch customization.

The idea was to transform the watch to give it a more “black” style. Kanye West was a loyal customer and told GQ magazine that he never went out without a Blackout watch.

Customer Service At Your Service

If you have any question about our brand, one of our parts, or if you encounter any difficulty, we can be reached by email or by phone and will do our best to assist you in less than 24 hours (except on Sundays).

Details Of The First-Ever Storm Anelka Collaboration

Tourbillon 3481 D

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3 Years Warranty

Movement : Automatic Seagull Skeleton 2809
Power reserve : 40 hours
Size : 41mm
Thickness : 11.1mm
Material : 316 L stainless steel
Glass : Sapphire
Bracelet : With links
Water resistance : 5 atm / 50 m

Each of our watches is tested, adjusted and controlled by our watchmakers in our workshops to guarantee the highest possible quality and reliability.
These same watchmakers are certified by the most important watch brands.

  • Time setting:
  • Pull the crown to the right.
  • When you reach the detent, turn the crown up and down to set the time.
  • Then return the crown to its original position.
  • Winding the watch
  • The movement of this watch is a manual Tourbillon. We advise you to put it back on every morning, when you want to wear it.
  • We advise you to wind the watch by about 40 turns of the crown when you put it on if it was unloaded to activate the Tourbillon and have a comfortable power reserve for the day.
  • The power reserve of the watch is approximately 48 hours.

At Blackout Concept, we strive to design exceptional watches and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. If, for any reason, you have a problem with your watch, do not hesitate to contact us and we will accompany you until the resolution of any problem in order to satisfy you at best. Enjoy the peace of mind of a three-year warranty.

  • Clean it from time to time with a microfiber cloth.
  • You can also clean the case and the bracelet on an occasional basis using soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Before cleaning your watch, make sure the crown is pushed in to ensure water resistance.
  • Store your watch in its box or in a compatible jewelry box when not in use.
  • We recommend that your whirlpool be serviced every 3-4 years to ensure its longevity.
  • Please take into account the small differences in color due to different cameras or light environments.