Double Down Sàrl grants you, from the date of purchase, a standard warranty of thirty-six (36) months on your Blackout Concept watch under the conditions defined in this warranty. The Blackout Concept International Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship existing at the time of delivery of the Blackout Concept watch. The warranty is only effective if the warranty certificate is dated, filled out completely and correctly and stamped by an official Blackout Concept blind.

During the warranty period and upon presentation of the valid warranty certificate, you are entitled to have any defect repaired free of charge. In case the normal conditions of use of your Blackout Concept watch could not be restored by repairs, Double Down Sàrl undertakes to replace it with an identical Blackout Concept watch or with similar characteristics. The warranty on the replacement watch expires thirty-six (36) months after the date of purchase of the replaced watch.

This warranty does not cover:

  • the duration of the battery (if there is any powering the movement) ;
  • normal wear and tear and aging (e.g., scratches on glass; fading of color and/or material of non-metallic bracelets and chains, such as leather, textile, rubber; peeling of plating)
  • damage to any part of the watch resulting from improper/abusive use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (knocks, dents, crushing, broken glass, etc.), improper use of the watch, as well as failure to follow the operating instructions provided by Double Down Sàrl;
  • any indirect or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from the use, non-operation, defects or lack of accuracy of the Blackout Concept watch;
  • the Blackout Concept watch handled by an unauthorized person (e.g. for battery replacement, service or repair) or whose original condition has been altered beyond the control of Double Down Sàrl

All other claims against Double Down GmbH, e.g. for damages additional to those defined in this warranty, are expressly excluded, with the exception of mandatory claims that the purchaser may have against the manufacturer.

Precautionary and preventive measures

Never activate the time setting crown and/or pushers while the watch is underwater and make sure the crown is pushed/screwed in fully after each manipulation.

Never open your watch yourself; have it examined only by a Blackout Concept Service Center.


Do not expose your watch to sudden temperature changes (exposure to sunlight followed by immersion in cold water) or to extreme temperatures (above 60° C or below 0° C).

Magnetic fields

Do not expose your watch to strong magnetic fields such as those emitted by speakers, cell phones, computers, refrigerators or other electromagnetic devices.


Avoid thermal or other shocks as they may damage your watch. In case of violent shock, please have your watch checked by an authorized dealer or a Blackout Concept store


The water-resistance of the watches is assessed on the basis of laboratory pressure tests comparable to that experienced by a swimmer or diver in a stationary position at the depth corresponding to the pressure level in question. Nevertheless, many aquatic activities involve a great deal of movement and other environmental changes. These exceptions to the method of evaluating a watch may call into question or invalidate its water resistance characteristics.

The water resistance of a watch cannot be guaranteed indefinitely. It can be affected by aging of the seals or by an accidental impact on the crown.


Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs to be serviced periodically to keep it running at its best. As a general rule, we recommend that you have your watch checked every 3 to 4 years by your BlackOut Concept store. Please note, however, that depending on the climate and the conditions of use of the watch, this interval may be reduced. To ensure that you receive the best possible maintenance service and that the warranty remains valid, always contact a Blackout Concept dealer or blind.