“The Unthinkable Becomes Possible !”
The emergence of a new watchmaking, which allows every watch enthusiast to feel considered.

Who are our customers?

Thanks to our unique positioning, Blackout Concept watches can be found on the wrist of different type of watch enthusiasts.

Passionate and collector

  • If you are a collector and passionate about watches, you probably own one or more beautiful pieces. And so you are faced with the scourge of luxury watch thefts that are currently taking place in major cities and tourist destinations.
  • We understand that you are attached to your most beautiful pieces, and therefore seek to provide you with the IDEAL complement to your luxury watches.
  • Thanks to our elegant designs, our excellent quality-price ratio and above all the reliability of our timepieces, wearing a Blackout Concept watch on your wrist assures you peace of mind, without skimping on your appearance and your image.

Novice in watchmaking

  • We are proud to accompany our customers who are new to watchmaking in their search for the perfect watch, offering them personalized support and guiding them in their choices.
  • We are here to make you feel considered and understood as an aspiring hobbyist, to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.
  • In addition to offering a selection of quality watches, we also offer maintenance and repair services by our own renowned watchmakers to provide you with an optimal shopping experience.

THE best of both

  • The current prices are sometimes meaningless, and you are looking for the best quality/price ratio on the market.
    Our operating model based on movements that are not Swiss-Made, but nevertheless extremely reliable, and the expertise of our watchmakers to control and adjust them offers you a fair price and a high quality.
  • We are proud of our passionate community of watch enthusiasts, and we welcome customers who adhere to our values of transparency, authenticity and customer care.
  • At Blackout Concept, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional shopping experience to all our customers, whether they are enthusiasts, novices or simply watch lovers looking for a beautiful piece at the right price.

What are our values?

All Blackout Concept teams are united around 3 strong values


  • Team of enthusiasts
  • Daily pleasure
  • Strive every day for continuous improvement of the brand


  • Simple exchange with our teams (physical persons)
  • Fluid and regular information at all stages of the customer journey. (Questions, after sales service, delivery etc.)
  • No taboos, we discuss everything


  • Customer satisfaction is the number one priority
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Return period
  • 6 days a week telephone service
from customization to revolution

History of the brand

After a long success of several years in the world of customization, and some outstanding sales at Colette for Kanye West or even Karl Lagerfeld to name a few, the brand is changing direction with the creation of its own models.

The idea is to offer Blackout customers designs as attractive as those of the greatest watchmakers, but at prices that allow everyone to have the frame of their dreams on their wrist.

In 2022, with the arrival at the head of the company of Tymothy Plubeau, a seasoned entrepreneur and loyal customer of the brand, as well as Etienne Rousseaux, his childhood best friend, specialized in commercial management, the brand is structured to develop.
A new management approach based on values mentioned above, a reliability of the models and an association with a Swiss watchmaker certified by the most famous brands.


creation by Fabrice Letellier

An initial positioning as the world’s leading luxury watch customization brand


Change of direction

The idea of offering attractive designs at affordable prices for all


Tymothy & Etienne era

Structuring and development of the brand. Values & Reliability


The Watch Customization Specialist

Blackout Concept has been a specialist in watch customization since 2007.
In addition to our collections for sale on this site and in stores,
we also offer the following services:


Manufacture of small and large series of watches for individuals and professionals

The interview

Revision and adjustments for all brands thanks to our certified watchmakers Breitling, Cartier, and many others


Your review with complete peace of mind

Thanks to our certified watchmakers, you can drop off your branded watch with complete peace of mind for an in-depth overhaul or a simple adjustment.