The concept

Transforming the watches of the biggest watch brands
by personalizing them, most often towards a more “ Dark ” look


The Watch Customization Specialist

Blackout Concept has been a specialist in watch customization since 2007.
In addition to our collections for sale on this site and in stores,
we also offer the following services:


Manufacture of small and large series of watches for individuals and professionals

The interview

Revision and adjustments for all brands thanks to our certified watchmakers Breitling, Cartier, and many others

The Geneva-based company made its appearance in 2006, under the impetus of Fabrice Letellier, founder and today still a partner and designer of the brand.

This one, a watchmaking enthusiast and collector in particular of high-end Swiss watches, comes from the automotive world. Racing driver at European level for a few years, Fabrice Letellier also managed an engine preparation company for more than 10 years. Customizing his cars in the early 2000s, he was one of the first to drive matte black cars equipped with black rims. The idea then came to him to apply the same principles to luxury watches as those he implements in the automotive world: transform the watches of the biggest watch brands by personalizing them, most often towards a more “Dark” look. ”.

from customization to design

After a long success of several years in the world of customization, and some significant sales at Colette, for Kanye West or Karl Lagerfeld to name a few, he wanted to develop his own watches. While keeping the “Black” universe, the idea is to offer Blackout customers designs as attractive as those of the greatest watchmakers, but at prices allowing everyone to have the frame of their dreams on their wrist. .

time for loyalty

Indeed, the Blackout clientele that has been built up over time is very vast: from watch enthusiasts to watchmaking novices. From the neighbor of the shop in Geneva, to the Australian surfer via the New York entrepreneur, you can find all types of individuals with a Blackout watch on their wrist.

reliability & passion

As time goes by, reliability has become a main issue for the brand. It is “easy” to offer attractive watches at low prices, but it is more difficult to ensure their reliability. After years of relationships with its partners and suppliers, the brand has become more reliable and today we are proud of the recent models from every point of view. In 2022, after fifteen years leading the Blackout Concept brand, Fabrice decided to focus solely on design and gradually separate himself from the commercial aspect and customer relations that he had occupied during all this time. .


It is therefore only natural that Tymothy Plubeau , a seasoned entrepreneur
and loyal customer of the brand takes over the management of the business,
surrounded by Etienne Rousseaux , his childhood best friend,
specializing in business management.




Tymothy Plubeau

Tymothy is passionate about watchmaking as well as sports cars, passions which led him to get closer to Fabrice very quickly. Tymothy has always dreamed of being able to live and share his passions. In parallel with a career in finance which led him to work in Luxembourg and around Lake Geneva, he developed and co-founded several companies in the field of real estate and automotive. Its companies are active, in particular, in advice and training but also in rental investment and professional purchase-resale as well as promotion. He will bring his experience of entrepreneurship, his rigor and his passion to lead Blackout Concept as high as possible.

Etienne Rousseaux

Etienne has established himself as a sales manager for companies of all sizes, from the CAC 40 behemoth to start-ups that have become Scale-ups.
Since leaving business school, he has dreamed of developing his project as he will have the opportunity to do with Blackout Concept.
He is also passionate about watchmaking, and one of his most memorable memories is buying his first watch thanks to his first bonus paid during his first professional experience. He will be responsible for providing the commercial structure and processes necessary for the development of the brand, while ensuring impeccable service for each of his clients.





what they think of us

Below are testimonials from some of our clients.
You can find them all on our Google TM reviews.

“I went to their store in Cité 29, in Geneva to pre-order a P03 Tourbillon – Jaune. I met Tym the owner who was very friendly and who seems to be a real watch enthusiast in general. Good service, I recommend!”
Aristotle Buetuzeyi Moleka
“Very nice shop, excellent welcome. Passionate discussions about watchmaking, very interested seller who can explain the history of the brand. Excellent quality watches.”
Charles Grandpierre
“I strongly recommend Black Out Concept, the welcome is very warm, Tymothy is a passionate person who was able to answer all my questions.
The watch is very well made, the finishes are top notch and the packaging is of high quality!”
Alexandre Vuillame


Your review with complete peace of mind

Thanks to our certified watchmakers, you can drop off your branded watch with complete peace of mind for an in-depth overhaul or a simple adjustment.