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The perfect balance between luxurious design, reliability and accessibility.
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Find all the technical information and design details for the beautiful ETERNAL ARIA at the bottom of this page.

Movement: Seiko Automatic NH70A
Power reserve: 41 hours
Size : 41.0 mm
Thickness : 12.0 mm
Case : 316 L Stainless Steel
Dial : Brass
Crown: Screw-down, 316L stainless steel
Caseback: Screwed, 316L stainless steel + sapphire glass
Glass : Sapphire
Buckle : Butterfly

Each of our watches is tested, adjusted and controlled by our watchmakers in our workshops to guarantee the highest possible quality and reliability.
These same watchmakers are certified by the most important watch brands.

  • Time setting:
  • Pull the crown to the right.
  • When you reach the detent, turn the crown up and down to set the time.
  • Then return the crown to its original position.
  • Winding the watch
  • The movement of this watch is a manual Tourbillon. We advise you to put it back on every morning, when you want to wear it.
  • We advise you to wind the watch by about 40 turns of the crown when you put it on if it was unloaded to activate the Tourbillon and have a comfortable power reserve for the day.
  • The power reserve of the watch is approximately 48 hours.

At Blackout Concept, we strive to design exceptional watches and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. If, for any reason, you have a problem with your watch, do not hesitate to contact us and we will accompany you until the resolution of any problem in order to satisfy you at best. Enjoy the peace of mind of a three-year warranty.

  • Clean it from time to time with a microfiber cloth.
  • You can also clean the case and the bracelet on an occasional basis using soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Before cleaning your watch, make sure the crown is pushed in to ensure water resistance.
  • Store your watch in its box or in a compatible jewelry box when not in use.
  • We recommend that your whirlpool be serviced every 3-4 years to ensure its longevity.
  • Please take into account the small differences in color due to different cameras or light environments.

The must-have

Blackout Concept revisits the codes of luxury

  • Unique, luxurious design
  • Perfect precision thanks to its Japanese heart and the adjustments of our watchmakers
  • A watch designed for longevity
    We are the only brand to offer a 3-year warranty at these prices.
  • A fair and affordable price for all enthusiasts.
    In a world where everything flies away

Watchmaking Reinvented

Exclusive design, top-of-the-range finish and a movement renowned for its reliability and precision.
The perfect blend of luxury, elegance and accessibility is born. Eternal Aria.

A unique style reflecting exclusivity

Elegance meets exception in every detail.

Seiko movement, Japanese know-how

The harmony of precision and artistry, signed by master watchmakers.

Quality without compromise

A watch that defies time, combining durability and excellence.


The birth of ETERNAL
A horological odyssey

From dream to reality, discover the journey that shaped our masterpiece.

Discover all the technical specifications and inspirations behind the design of the elegant Eternal Aria at the end of this page.

We remain at your entire disposal to discuss this unique watch further, whether in store, on our social networks, by email or by telephone.

Each Eternal Aria is the fruit of years of research and careful listening to our customers. It’s a recent creation, combining innovation and design, available in limited quantities. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire an avant-garde timepiece.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of watchmaking excellence.
Your Eternal Aria watch is waiting for you!

The quest for Excellence

The Eternal is not just a timepiece, it’s the fruit of months of passionate research.

With over twenty designs tested, we sought to fuse art, engineering and vision to create something unforgettable.

Tradition and modernity

The Aria model, with its hourglass dial and Roman numerals, is a tribute to our flagship XP1 model.

While evoking the nostalgia of classic designs, it introduces a contemporary touch, bringing the old up to date once again.

Diversity and elegance

During our creative journey, we recognized the value of diversity and finalized four models for our entry-level range.

The Aqua and Onyx models will satisfy fans of more classic watches. The Eternal MKII, for fans of skeletonized movements.

And the Ariaan airy, sophisticated design: the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

The Promise of Eternal

We’ve incorporated the Seiko movement, renowned for its reliability, and raised the level of finishing to the highest level.

Our commitment is clear: to offer an exceptional watchmaking experience at a price that makesthe “unattainable” not only accessible, but also desirable.

More than a watch, an Experience !

Our daily obsession is simple:

Buying a Blackout Concept watch is much more than just buying a watch.

Our daily obsession is to offer a warm and cheerful shopping atmosphere. We want to put the pleasure of buying watches back at the center of attention.


Designed for lightness, Aria defines airy allure,
of the Eternal range.

A watch designed for connoisseurs, an experience crafted for all, that responds to the challenges of today’s watchmaking.

Would you like to combine elegance and peace of mind?

Every collector knows how difficult it has become to wear a valuable watch, especially in tourist cities like Paris, London or Barcelona.

Our model offers you this timeless elegance, allowing you to enjoy every moment, wherever you are, with complete peace of mind and without compromising your style.

Are you passionate about watches and want to find the perfect piece?

A passion for watches shouldn’t be limited by budget.

With our model, discover a watch that harmoniously combines captivating design and exceptional value, allowing you to proudly wear an eye-catching piece.

Looking for a memorable shopping experience in the world of watches?

We understand that every interaction counts. At Blackout Concept, we believe in a warm, personalized shopping experience.

Whether you visit one of our boutiques or contact us, you’ll be greeted with enthusiasm and expertise. A unique watchmaking journey awaits you.

Our watchmakers are dedicated to excellence in time measurement

Our watchmakers, located a few meters from our Geneva boutique, are certified by the most famous luxury watch brands.

They are responsible for all the tests carried out on this model (functionalities, power reserve, precision, water-resistance, visuals) before it goes on sale.

Every customer should have the best possible sales experience. Even after the purchase.

If you are a customer, you already know that, and if you are new to us, you should know that we have built the most efficient customer service on the market! We understand how important it is to accompany you, to be close to you, that is what makes us different.

Take the plunge, visit a Blackout Concept store, send us an email, give us a call! You won’t be disappointed!

In the event of a desired revision of the model, or any other problem, the after-sales service is fast and transparent, and the replacement is just as fast.

Our Models Are Guaranteed 36 Months

Since the takeover of BLACKOUT CONCEPT in early 2022, quality has become priority number 1.
And since the beginning of 2023, all our models come with a 3-year warranty. We are the only company on the market to offer such a long warranty, for entry-level products at this price.


Adopt an Authentic and Bold Style

Blackout Concept Is Positioned As The Perfect Brand For :

  • The perfect addition to your luxury watch collection, in these times of increasing watch theft. To keep your style impeccable, to walk around with a free spirit, and to send back the same image to society as with your most beautiful pieces.
  • Make a nice watch purchase, in a warm and jovial atmosphere with a unique brand and especially very close to its customers, to start or develop your watch collection.
  • Watch enthusiasts who want to feel considered as a customer. Whether they are novices in need of support, or collectors simply wishing to exchange on our common passion.

Did you know?

Before offering our own models, Blackout Concept was the first specialist in luxury watch customization.

The idea was to transform the watch to give it a more “black” style. Kanye West was a loyal customer and told GQ magazine that he never went out without a Blackout watch.

Customer Service At Your Service

If you have any question about our brand, one of our parts, or if you encounter any difficulty, we can be reached by email or by phone and will do our best to assist you in less than 24 hours (except on Sundays).

Details of the essential ETERNAL ARIA

SEIKO NH70 movement

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