XP1 Tourbillon LT

CHF 2’249

“The unattainable becomes possible!”
The Masterpiece Blackout Concept. A swirl, luminescent forged carbon, a barrel shape. The watch of your dreams, now within your reach!
First Blackout Concept watch that can be customized, so you can create the XP1 of your dreams!

  • Free & express delivery
  • 3 years warranty
  • 100% secure payment
  • 6/7 days after sales service
  • Satisfied or refunded – Returns within 14 days


The new Masterpiece Blackout Concept

The entire Blackout Concept team is proud to present this new iconic model that redefines the future of the brand.

We were obsessed with creating a watch that embraced all the codes of ultra-luxury, while remaining affordable for ALL watch enthusiasts. From novice to collector. From the tight wallet to the overflowing one.


After the crazy success of the first edition, which saw a Full Black model and a Black & Blue model sold out as fast as each other, we hesitated between producing a black or blue edition… then we decided to let you choose!

Through this product sheet, choose the XP1 that makes you vibrate and that will attract all eyes to your wrist.

Much more than a watch, an Experience!

To offer everyone a warm shopping experience, so that buying a watch becomes a pleasure again, and a unique moment that makes you smile!

All of this is based on models such as the XP1 Tourbillon, which take up the codes of ultra-luxury, while making them affordable.

Based on this unwavering credo, we strive to combine classic watchmaking techniques with modern technology to ensure that every piece we make is of the highest caliber.

A legacy to preserve

We developed this product from a deep emotional desire to preserve traditional watchmaking technique and craftsmanship. For generations, these artisans have mobilized their unique skills and expertise to create objects of great beauty, durability and precision. It was important for us to honor this legacy and ensure that it continues.

This tourbillon movement tested and adjusted by our watchmakers is something we can all be proud of.




You’ve had a crush for years on our old flagship model

CaseP03: Classic forged carbon
Waterproofing P03 : 5 ATM
Caseback P03 : Stainless Steel
Lume P03 : Japanese Lume
Dial and flange P03 : Plastic
Buckle P03 : Stainless steel
Bracelet And Strap P03 : Standard Rubber
P03 : Standard rubber
Weight : 138g


Prepare To Melt For The New Model. The succession is assured

XP1 Case: Forged Carbon UAC with glow-in-the-dark fiber
Waterproofing XP1 : 10 ATM
Caseback XP1 : Forged Carbon UAC With Sapphire Glass
Lume XP1 : Swiss Super Luminous
Dial And Height XP1 : Brass
XP1 buckle: 316L steel folding buckle
Bracelet & Strap XP1 : Sharks Naka Bracelet – High quality rubber
Weight XP1 : 110g

Our watchmakers dedicate every moment to the excellence of time measurement

Our watchmakers, located a few meters from our Geneva boutique, are certified by the most famous luxury watch brands. They are responsible for the assembly of this model, as well as for all the tests (functionalities, power reserve, precision, water-resistance, visual) carried out before its release.


  • The case of this watch is a UAC forged carbon that we developed in-house with our partner. Its particularity is to remain luminescent for a few minutes in the dark.
  • On this watch, you will find our new unique bracelet: Sharks Naka, made of high quality rubber!
  • This watch is made up of six separate parts that fit together perfectly as one, and we decided to add screws, not on the case like many watches on the market, but on the side, with a clamping function. For an innovative design.

Every customer should have the best possible sales experience. Even after the purchase.

If you are a customer, you already know that, and if you are new to us, you should know that we have built the most efficient customer service on the market! We understand how important it is to accompany you, to be close to you, that is what makes us different.

In the event of a desired revision of the model, or any other problem, the after-sales service is fast and transparent, and the replacement is just as fast.

Our Models Are Guaranteed 36 Months

Since the acquisition of BLACKOUT CONCEPT in early 2022, quality has become the number one priority.

A stock of spare parts is at your disposal

We have a stock of spare parts for each model so that we can offer only perfect parts.

The 3481D tourbillon movements undergo two separate quality controls, one of which is particularly thorough by our watchmakers. During this process, if there is any doubt about the movement, it is discarded or readjusted.

You’ve Got It

“The unattainable becomes possible”

Sound Design

Did you know that? Between the first design of the model and the final design you are looking at, there have been over 37 designs tested and refined.

This final design is the only one that won over all the blackout teams, as well as a panel of test consumers. And considering the first sales of XP1 … it also pleases the final consumers 😃


Adopt an Authentic and Bold Style

Blackout Concept Is Positioned As The Perfect Brand For :

  • The perfect addition to your luxury watch collection, in these times of increasing watch theft. To keep your style impeccable, to walk around with a free spirit, and to send back the same image to society as with your most beautiful pieces.
  • Make a nice watch purchase, in a warm and jovial atmosphere with a unique brand and especially very close to its customers, to start or develop your watch collection.
  • Watch enthusiasts who want to feel considered as a customer. Whether they are novices in need of support, or collectors simply wishing to exchange on our common passion.

Did you know?

Before offering our own models, Blackout Concept Blackout Concept was the first specialist in luxury watch customization.

The idea was to transform the watch to give it a more “black” style.
Kanye West was a loyal customer and told GQ magazine that he never went out without a Blackout watch.

Customer Service At Your Service

If you have any question about our brand, one of our parts, or if you encounter any difficulty, we can be reached by email or by phone and will do our best to assist you in less than 24 hours (except on Sundays).

Details Of The
XP1 Tourbillon LT

Tourbillon 3481 D

Free Shipping Worldwide

Express Delivery

After Sales 6/7

Physical Store In Geneva

3 Years Warranty

Movement: Tourbillon 3481D
Power reserve: 72 hours
Case size: 41.5 x 52 mm
Case material: Forged carbon UAC (Luminova in the dark)
Glass : Sapphire
Dial and bezel: Brass
Luminova: Swiss Super Luminous
Bracelet: Sharks Naka – High quality rubber
Buckle: 316L steel folding buckle
Water resistance: 10 ATM
Weight: 110g
Thickness: 14.8mm

Each of our watches is tested, adjusted and controlled by our watchmakers in our workshops to guarantee the highest possible quality and reliability.
These same watchmakers are certified by the most important watch brands.

  • Time setting:
  • Pull the crown to the right.
  • When you reach the detent, turn the crown up and down to set the time.
  • Then return the crown to its original position.
  • Winding the watch
  • The movement of this watch is a manual Tourbillon. We advise you to put it back on every morning, when you want to wear it.
  • We advise you to wind the watch by about 40 turns of the crown when you put it on if it was unloaded to activate the Tourbillon and have a comfortable power reserve for the day.
  • The power reserve of the watch is approximately 48 hours.

At Blackout Concept, we strive to design exceptional watches and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. If, for any reason, you have a problem with your watch, do not hesitate to contact us and we will accompany you until the resolution of any problem in order to satisfy you at best. Enjoy the peace of mind of a three-year warranty.

  • Clean it from time to time with a microfiber cloth.
  • You can also clean the case and the bracelet on an occasional basis using soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Before cleaning your watch, make sure the crown is pushed back in to ensure water resistance.
  • Store your watch in its box or in a compatible jewelry box when not in use.
  • We recommend that your whirlpool be serviced every 3-4 years to ensure its longevity.
  • Please take into account the small differences in color due to different cameras or light environments.
XP1 Tourbillon LT
CHF 2'249
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